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Big Boy Racing Fabrication
Transmissions/Rear end/Gears
Cold Air Induction 86-03
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Transmissions/Rear end/Gears
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ARB locker, Timken bearings, they are the best

If you're tired of your highway gears in your car, we can install any performance gears in your car.  For the Mustang guys we would recommend the Ford Motorsport gears, they are hands down the best quality gears for the Mustang. For the Camaro guys we would recommend the GM Performance parts factory gears.  We also realize that there are a lot of bearings for the rear end out there on the market.  We recommend Timken bearings for Ford or Chevy, they are the most reliable and highest quality bearing you can get for the differential.  If you need to upgrade to bigger axles (which we recommend for you drag racers), we can install the axles with the upgraded third member (Detroit Locker, Auburn, Eaton, Traction Lock or Spool).  These are my recommendations for quality Brands, if you want to go with something different, bring it in and we will install it.  All work is guaranteed.

Bearings and 355 gears installed on locker

Motorsport gears or GM Performance parts, the best for reliability

TRANSMISSIONS (Big Boy Racing/Grant's Street-Strip Series)
If you are tired of your Mustang's T-5 popping out of gear and grinding with every agressive shift, you need a Big Boy Racing heavy duty T-5, guaranteed to solve your crappy shifting problems!  We can build everything from T-5's to 4L 80E's, to the massive 4R 100's for the Lightnings.  In my personal Mustang, a lot of people think that I run a C-4 or a C-6, and they are surprised to find that I am running an AOD!  I'm running low 10's at over 130mph in the 1/4 mi., soon 9's.  Of course, this is not a stock AOD, it's a built up Big Boy/Grant racing AOD (special recipe), if you're looking for one of these bad boys or a nice strong AOD (not quite at this level), give us a call.  You can drive this kind of tranny to the track, beat on it all day, and cruise back home in AOD mode.  I'm putting over 600hp and over 700ft lbs. of torque through this transmission.  If the AOD is built properly, it can take a lot of abuse.

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