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Big Boy Racing Fabrication
About Us
Cold Air Induction 86-03
About Us
Our Products & Services
Big Boy Racing Pro series control arms (Mustang/Camaro)
Roll Bars
Torque boxes/Axle tubes
5.0 - 5.8 / Stroker Rotating Assemblies
Modular Performance 4.6 SOHC and DOHC ported heads
'96 - '98 PI Head Conversion Package
4.6 - 5.4 Short Blocks / Long Blocks / Strokers
4.6 - 5.4 Rotating Assembly
4.6 custom cams
Transmissions/Rear end/Gears
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I started Big Boy Racing with one specific goal in mind, to help people make their cars go fast.  I have been a certified welder, automotive fabricator (MIG, TIG, ARC, Inner shield) and engine builder for 10 years.  I have been modifying cars for 13 years.  My interest really took off in 1992 when I purchased a 1986 Buick Grand National, that introduced me to the power potential of forced induction.  I could not believe how fast the V6 turbo was.  I now own a '90 street/strip turbo Mustang LX (which with a little more tuning will be running 9's), I also own a '91 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that has an upgraded intercooler turbo which runs 12.1 at 114, and a '90 CSX which is my street car with a 4 cylinder upgraded turbo.

I recently decided to dedicate all my time and energy to Big Boy Racing.  In the process of making new customers, you can expect that our prices will be fair.  By choosing Big Boy Racing, you will recieve experienced help, personal service, genuine interest in the goals you have for your car or truck and drag racing/road racing proven set-ups.  The drag racing set-ups have been proven on my Mustang as well as customer's cars.  I also use my Big Boy Racing subframes on my low 10 second Mustang.  Installs and fabrications are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our prices are not listed on the website.  Sometimes we are able to get products and materials at a discount (which is passed on to the customer) and we often will be running specials.  If you need information on pricing call or E-mail us (or PM us on CA Fords under turbo302).

Big Boy Racing Fabrication
(510) 234-1866