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Big Boy Racing Fabrication
Big Boy Racing Pro series control arms (Mustang/Camaro)
Cold Air Induction 86-03
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Big Boy Racing Pro series control arms (Mustang/Camaro)
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F-body LCA

'79-'03 Mustang

A nice high quality, dual purpose LCA for street, drag, or road race (unlike some of the cheaper made brands that we have seen and used) ours are made of .125 wall 1 3/4 DOM round tube.    Round tube is used for its ability to transfer the twisting force under heavy loads.  We also utilize delrin bushing technology, which is a very trick material, it is much stronger, and will outlast polyurethane.  Absolutely zero bind and no deflection when pushed to the limits (drag race/road race).  Products are laser cut, CNC drilled, and JIG welded.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on our control arms. For '79-'03 Mustangs and F-body Camaros/Firebirds.

Pro series LCAs on '02 GT

Fox body

CNC drilled and JIG welded

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