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Cold Air Induction 86-03
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Our Products & Services
Big Boy Racing Pro series control arms (Mustang/Camaro)
Roll Bars
Torque boxes/Axle tubes
5.0 - 5.8 / Stroker Rotating Assemblies
Modular Performance 4.6 SOHC and DOHC ported heads
'96 - '98 PI Head Conversion Package
4.6 - 5.4 Short Blocks / Long Blocks / Strokers
4.6 - 5.4 Rotating Assembly
4.6 custom cams
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Drag sway bar installed on '90 Supercharged Mustang (ready for battle!)

We can install your parts or our parts, all installs are guaranteed, no job is too big or too small at Big Boy Racing Fabrications.  Bring us your idea for a custom fabrication and we can do it for you.  All welding installs receive proper prep work before welding to ensure proper fusion between the two metals.  Please check back often for install specials and new products. 

These are our products and services at Big Boy Racing:

We can install full drag and road race suspension for '79-'03 Mustangs, F-body Camaros, and '86-'87 Buick GN/Regal T-type.  If you're a drag racer, we highly recommend the anti-drag bar (Wolfe, UPR) it will help drop your 60ft time tremendously, especially you guys that like to do it on drag radials, this is what Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge uses to pull consistent 1.45-1.50 60ft (on drag radials)!  The gains you pick up improving 60ft times are magnified during a drag racing run, if you pick up a tenth in 60ft, it usually translates into 2 or 4 tenths by the end of the 1/4 mile and the drag bar also helps keep your car stable on hot or not well prep'd tracks.  
On my personal Mustang I pulled a best 60ft. of 1.39 and I pull consistent mid 1.40's (on slicks).  When we do the installation on the drag bar, we set the pre-loads for you, this gets you hooking at the track!

Drag sway bar for '79-'03 Mustang

Drag bar for F-body Camero/Firebirds

Road racing suspension - we can install M&M, Griggs Racing, Kenny Brown or any other of your choice

Torque arm bar

Tubular K member

The Mustang Chasis at best is only designed to take the power of a stock motored Mustang.  It is a poor unibody design, made out of thin material.  Anything you can do to counter the twisting action on the chasis at acceleration will greatly improve putting the power to the ground.  The power that is wasted to twist the car can be minimized by reducing as much flex to the chasis as possible.  This is where Big Boy Racing Subframe Connectors come into play.  We offer 3 types:  round tube steele, rectangular tube steele, and full length subframes.  Our round tubes are 1.5 dia. x 0.098 wall thickness with two 1.25 thick flanges on either side (for welding to the car) and has a tensile strength of 65,000 psi.  For those who prefer the low profile rectangular type, we offer a 2x1 with a 0.125 wall thickness, they are 50in. long and they sit flat against the front and rear subframes, allowing them to be welded over a wide area to distribute loads.  We also offer a full length with the same dimensions as my standard rectangular.  Seat braces included.  All three of our designs are made of quality metals and are lower profile than the standard subframes on the market today.  If you just need a subframe install, we can do it.
We are running a special on subframes and installation, $170 package deal!!

We can install any type of roll bar or cage in your car, most street strip guys are looking for the roll bar set-up, which can be done in a 6-point or 8-point and is good up to 10.00 or 135.00 in the quarter mile, anything faster and you need to go to the cage set-up.  For road racers, a road racing cage would be the way to go because you're tying the chasis in at more points.

Roll bar in '90 supercharged Mustang

Swing-out door bars

If you're running an external fuel pump (Aeromotive/Weldon/Magnaflow) you need a sump to your factory fuel tank in order to keep the pump reliable or a fuel cell (but that's much more involved).  We use the sump tank in my car (with a big Aeromotive pump) and I have no problem keeping fuel in my fuel pump.  This is the fuel set-up I will be taking into the 9's.  So if you're thinking about an external fuel pump, we highly recommend a Big Boy Racing sump factory tank.

We can install a sump to your factory tank

One of the best ways to help the air flow in your engine is to reduce restrictions,  increasing the ability to bring in more air by using large, smooth mandrel bent tubing you reduce the restriction of cast aluminum or ribbed rubber hose, and also the increase in cross section means the tube will flow more air. Big Boy Racing high flow induction pipes come painted black or powder coating available in 2 1/2 -4 in. in diameter to make sure your mustang gets the air it deserves.  Our pipes have been proven on the dyno to pick up between 8-10 hp and 15-20 on supercharged and turbocharged motors (depending on the combination).  We offer the most competitive prices you'll find.  

Big Boy Racing high flow Induction Pipes for '86-'02 Mustangs (all sizes and diam.)

Big Boy Racing high flow induction piping on Buick Grand National (picked up 18hp on dyno)

Fuel tank sump

Fuel system

For you guys that plan on making over 400rwhp, we highly recommend a dedicated fuel system for that power level and up.  Why take your chances with the "straw-sucking" factory fuel lines and rails?  If you're running 42-50lb injectors, they have been known to suck the stock rails dry and if that happens to you, your motor goes bye-bye.  (We've heard it all before, "I've made over 500rwhp with the stock lines and rails", eventually your luck will run out on you.)  Do it right the first time.

This type of fuel system is for strokers, supercharged, turbo, nitrous

Generation 2 Ford Lightning
Performance upgrades.  We will have pictures available for the Lightning soon.  We can install the products on this list on your Lightning.  A customer of mine, on a good air day, ran an 11.89 with this set up, and he runs consistent low 12's all day long.   This is my brief product line for the Lightning:
  • Big Boy Racing Converter 2500 stall great for daily driver (excellent for low 12's, high 11's) this is a kick ass converter
  • Factory tech valve body plus trans oil pan
  • 2-6 lb pulleys
  • Fast Air induction system
  • Traction bars
  • JDM or PSP performance chip
  • Dyno tuned

Big Boy Racing Fabrication